Raw Milk Raids! Should Gov’t Be Telling Us What To Eat? Ft. Liz Reitzig (PODCAST)

Raw Milk Activist Liz Reitzig
Raw Milk Activist Liz Reitzig

Raw Milk Activist Liz Reitzig joins the Freedom Report podcast to discuss issues surrounding raw milk raids in the United States. Reitzig is an openly declared criminal, who claims her sovereign right to drink raw milk and feed it to her children. She’s admittedly defying the law and any libertarian would agree that she should have the right to do with her body whatever she likes. But isn’t raw milk dangerous? And didn’t we invent pasteurization in order to help stop the spread of deadly germs such as salmonella?

Reitzig argues that the public doesn’t have all the information when it comes to raw milk. She also has some strong opinions about GMO’s. Reitzig debates Austin Petersen over whether GMO’s are really dangerous, and whether corporations like Monsanto should be derided for producing products that people want, despite the crony capitalism involved in the production of these products.

And in Michigan government swine raided a pig farm after the Department of Natural Resources classified the hogs on Baker’s Green Acres farm as illegal. The government demanded that Mark Baker kill his livestock without an act of legislation. Is Baker’s Green Acres doomed?

All that and more on the Freedom Report podcast!

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