Abuse of Authority

Widow Being Evicted for Living off the Grid (VIDEO)

Homeowner told to leave with no notice.

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An “officer came, knocked on the door then posts a placard that says uninhabitable property, do not enter,” Florida woman Robin Speronis told WFTX-TV.

Speronis, a widow and former real estate agent, recently appeared on television to speak about living off the grid: she lives in a clean, well-kept home, but without running water or power outlets. Instead, she collects rainwater in large barrels and uses solar panels to charge her electronics.

“The more I got into it, the more exciting, the more of an adventure it became,” she said.

Yet Speronis’ lifestyle didn’t sit well with the city’s code enforcers, who ordered her to vacate the property without even looking inside the house. Speronis says that officials are “putting a woman who lives by herself, who’s a widow, out on the street without any notice.”

A local attorney has taken up Speronis’ case for free. City officials have said that they will reverse their position if Speronis can show that she lives sustainably.

Speronis says she is ready to fight. “If my father in heaven wants me to be the test case for something, I will be the test case for something.”

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