Rep Brian Sims Offers Non-Apology For Harassing Pro-Lifers. Twitter Non-Accepts.

Representative Brian Sims (PA-D) took to Twitter to offer an “apology” for his recent behavior outside of a Planned Parenthood clinic in Pennsylvania.

During his unhinged escapade, he harassed an elderly woman for eight minutes and offered $100 bounties to dox three minor girls. So much for standing up for women, eh?

Here is the video of him harassing the elderly woman who was quietly handing out pamphlets:

Here is the video of him offering money to dox minors:

Steven Crowder mused that it was odd that Twitter would ban a clearly marked AOC parody account because their dumb tweets were too similar to AOC’s dumb tweets (policy against misleading, or something) while letting this sort of behavior stand.

On Tuesday, he released a video on Twitter committing to “do better.” The “apology” consisted of more ranting with the pledge to “do better” being a footnote at the end, all while not acknowledging his actions.

It’s once again, another example of Leftist Gatekeeping, pretending to be a champion of women, but terms and conditions apply. Those T&C’s? Only if you’re a Leftist.

Check out some of the top replies below, most of which received far more Twitter favorites than his video.



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