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By Kitty Testa

There’s a bit of giddiness among the #resist crowd over the ouster of Mike Flynn as national security advisor to President Trump. Mr. Flynn’s resignation came on the heels of an FBI investigation into his telephone conversations with Russian ambassador, Sergey Kislyak , and whether Flynn was truthful when he reported to Vice President Mike Pence that he had not discussed US sanctions against Russia.

The Flynn fiasco is the subject of memes du jour, and if you find the situation humorous, go ahead and have your laugh. But when you’ve recovered from the giggles, think about how the Flynn matter developed, and what truths it has revealed about America’s intelligence agencies.

According to The Wall St. Journal, “U.S. intelligence officials had already intercepted conversations between the two men in which they discussed the sanctions, according to people familiar with the matter.”

And from the same article, “Mr. Flynn’s contacts with the Russian envoy is one of a number of U.S. counterintelligence investigations into Russian government contacts with people close to Mr. Trump.”

The WSJ ran a story today with the headline, Spies Keep Intelligence From Donald Trump on Leak Concerns. The intelligence community purports to have a deep mistrust of the current president, and that mistrust is returned in kind. Trump has accused the American espionage cartel of leaking information to undermine and delegitimize his presidency. Not long ago, US intelligence leaked the “golden showers” story that turned out to be made of whole cloth, but nonetheless dominated news coverage and social media prior to Trump taking office.

What we are witnessing is a wholesale shift in the executive branch. The intelligence agencies that exist to assist the president are spying on the president and his staff. They have shown that they are not above releasing fabricated stories, and they willfully admit that they are withholding information from the President.

Judge Andrew Napolitano raised his concerns in an interview with Fox News’ Neil Cavuto yesterday, asking, “Can the unelected deep state bureaucracy frustrate the elected president of the United States? Under the Constitution, no. Under the laws, no. Under common, simple decency and morality, no.”

So it leaves me wondering, to whom are the intelligence agencies accountable? Evidently no one. Who knows if they’re telling the truth? Only they do. What are their true aims? We have no way to know. They are, in fact, an unelected shadow government with the unprecedented power of almost limitless information on all citizens and residents of the U.S., and likely other countries as well.

We all recall the mystery of weapons of mass destruction that led up to the Iraq war. Did the intelligence agencies misinform George W. Bush? Maybe he didn’t lie; maybe they did. I’m starting to wonder. Is Russia responsible for the Podesta email leak? How do we know? Because they said so? How do we know it wasn’t the intelligence apparatus itself?

The NSA mass data collection, which includes all of our communications—emails, text messages, telephone calls—has created a deep state so powerful that it can destroy anyone it pleases, even the military’s top spy, Mike Flynn. Hillary Clinton may have wiped her personal email server and crushed her communications devices, but surely she knows those emails exist, along with all of our emails, on NSA servers.

But at the moment, Trump is their target, and the intelligence community doesn’t mind our knowing about it. They leak to the press and crow to the reporters as if they are acting heroically.

So #resistors beware: The same power now being used against Trump can be used against anyone, whether it be your favorite senator, the next Democratic president—or even you.

Meanwhile, Edward Snowden is sitting it out, exiled in Russia. President Trump has called Snowden a traitor for outing the NSA’s dirty little secret. But maybe the president ought to reconsider. The shadow government is stepping into the light, and has revealed itself to be a menace.


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  • M.Mitchell Marmel

    Looks like some shadow hemp rope may be in order…

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  • Dana Nyxia

    I find your article interesting and more than a little scary. Information is power and they are holding a lot of it. We don’t know who their loyalties are to. There is no way we can verify how much manipulation of that information has been going on. And what can be done to protect our nation from them? Clean sweep? Everyone from department supervisors on up? All those secrets, connections, and know-how being turned back against the U.S. in retribution? How many outside spies are planted within the various intelligence organizations? Scary as hell when you feel you cannot trust your own “men in black”. Trump was a wild card that none of the rope pullers anticipated. He had not passed through the “schools of vetting and training” to get on the tickets. Wasn’t groomed for the job. I think that is what appealed to us the most about him. We have been so sick of pre-groomed wimps being presented to us as our candidates for president. We have felt as if we must choose the lesser of evils rather than choosing the best man for the job. They didn’t have him prepared to think along the lines of their preference. How dismaying that the “conspiracy theory nuts” may have had more on the ball than we did.

    • LibertarianConservative

      This government is tearing itself apart. Everybody wants shares of power and are willing to resort to whatever means they deem necessary to do so. Meanwhile, We the People are left to fend for ourselves. It’s saddening and infuriating what has happened, but frankly, the Founding Fathers probably saw it coming, as soon as the first political parties were formed. People naturally have different views, but giving them clearly marked camps in which to congregate give them all the more power to stomp all over the ideas of everybody who dissents even in the slightest. The shadow government is their most dangerous weapon in this endeavor.

      • Dana Nyxia

        We need another party. The common sense party. One would think that the object of having two/three parties would be that each would supply a balance in decisions, but what it ended up being is, “If they like it then we cannot” As if they were enemy camps. I guess that is exactly what then ended up being. Lobbyists should be outlawed. Everyone should be required to go through their state government who are supposed to represent us at the federal level. If lobbying was not such a lucrative job we would not have so darned many of them. Personal interest groups who don’t really care about the big picture or how their wants will affect others can’t be bothered to consider the ripple effect of their agendas. It is all about power and control. I suppose that once one has all the money one needs then they need something else to go after and power and control are the pinnacle. And who was the genius who decided that Supreme Court Justices should be in place for life? They too, like diapers, should be changed regularly for the same reason. I am positive that a few of them are actually senile judging by some of the things they have said and done over the last few years. First we had the FBI, then the CIA, then the NSA, then Homeland Security. Serious over-kill. And with each new group the oversight became less and less. Now, even our President is not made aware of everything. LOL, he is on a “need to know” list. Frightening. The big problem is that like the genie, there is no way to put them all back in the bottle. I have lived the last five years in China. They seem to be uncomfortable with Trump, for the same reason the leftists and globalist are. He is not under anyone’s thumb. He is a wild card and they don’t know what he is going to do. Folks panic when they don’t know what to expect. Me… I am just glad it is not business as usual. It may be the only thing that saves us. If Trump can stay alive long enough. When I was just a child, my father told me that a smart, strong, ethical, man could never make it to the White House because someone would assassinate him. Trump would not have been my first, or even my tenth choice, simply because he has always been brash and impulsive sometimes, but I will give him the benefit of the doubt. Since Jesus Christ is not walking the earth I tend to believe that the left are not going to like anyone he chooses for government positions. I wonder how the history books are going to portray this episode one day.

  • The Punisher

    What I can’t believe is that everyone is just waking up to this reality…

    What the heck have people been paying attention to all this time?

    You say ” Did the intelligence agencies misinform George W. Bush? Maybe he didn’t lie; maybe they did. I’m starting to wonder. Is Russia responsible for the Podesta email leak? How do we know? Because they said so? How do we know it wasn’t the intelligence apparatus itself?”

    Well now…it starts to make all the “tin foil hat wearing conspiracy theorists” start to look a lot more rational and sane doesn’t it?

    So were ‘they’ lying about the Kennedy assassination? OKC bombing? Waco? Ruby Ridge? 9/11? etc, etc.

    If they are going to these lengths and have the vast resources and technologies we know they have…then how much farther will they go?

    I love how we watch/read fictional dramas that show exactly how these things would/could be pulled off but then, in full on cognitive dissonance, go “nah, that could never happen in real life”…

    • Amy Lynn Campbell

      With you on all that. People often think I’m a bit crazy… but in honest reality, how can anyone trust anything the government? And the media was bought and paid for a long time ago. It’s hard to find a trusted news source anymore.