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Walk of Shame: Girl Sentenced to Walk 30 Miles After Ditching Cab Fare

By: Laura Meyers

“If you can’t afford a cab, what are you gonna do?”


“Walk. So, I think it’s appropriate that you walk the 30 miles instead of jail.”

This was the sentence ordered to Victoria Bascom, 18, of Painesville, Ohio after she rode 30 miles in a cab, and ditched without paying the fare.

Judge Michael Cicconetti offered Bascom the long walk or a free ride to jail for 30 days.

When Bascom decided to free-ride from Cleveland to Painesville, little did she know, she was actually headed for Painsville- where young convicts walk 30 miles in 48 hours, wearing a GPS, around the local fairgrounds.

The judge assigned to the case, Judge Cicconetti, has a reputation for offering unconventional sentences in place of jail time for first time offenders that show remorse for the crime. In one case, Cicconetti made a drunk driver look at car crash victims in the morgue. In another, he made a woman, who had pepper-sprayed a Burger King employee, apologize and be pepper sprayed by her victim, but with water.

In Bascom’s case, she had no appeal to the sentence, and in a final statement on Facebook, she said that at the end of it all, at least she’s still a pretty criminal. Aw.

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