Top 5 Reasons It’s Okay for Libertarians to Criticize Gary Johnson

1. Criticism Helps Gary Johnson Fight for and Demonstrate Libertarian Principles

The Libertarian Party is the only party of principle. Principles matter to us more than the public figures we support. We would gain nothing by endorsing Johnson blindly without making sure he continues to abide by the Libertarian Party platform. In this, we are all united, starting with Libertarian Party Chairman Nicholas Sarwark and going all the way down the chain of command to the lowliest foot soldier of the libertarian movement. When Johnson recently made a faux pas and came out in favor of mandatory vaccination and a carbon fee, it was Sarwark who had a talk with him and explained the principles at play. Once Johnson understood, he quickly corrected himself and took the libertarian position on the right to self-ownership was reestablished.

The constructive criticism of Johnson demonstrates that in the Libertarian Party, the chairman is not a stooge of the candidate (unlike the Democrats and Republicans), and the candidate does not dominate the party rank-and-file. We are not afraid to speak our minds, and our candidate is not too proud to accept a correction. Isn’t that the American way? Would you vote for a candidate who does not accept constructive criticism? Thanks to our criticism, Gary Johnson may still have a chance. And if he wins, we will all win, because he will be representing us.

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