Top 5 Reasons It’s Okay for Libertarians to Criticize Gary Johnson

3. Criticism Helps Gary Johnson Prepare for the Debates

Sometimes it is all just a question of presentation. It’s appearances and slogans and style over substance. It’s not really that Gary Johnson isn’t a libertarian — he just doesn’t sound like one, at times. We can help with that, but we have to be allowed to speak up. At the beginning of his campaign, Gary Johnson used to answer the question about what is a libertarian like this: “Someone who is fiscally conservative and socially liberal.” By saying this, he alienated all voters who happen to be socially conservative.

Some of his opponents within the party called him on this, and now Johnson has improved his answer. He says “fiscally conservative and socially whatever” — which is still a little weak, but is an improvement. By the time he gets to the debate, he may have polished it up to something even better, like “someone who believes we should do whatever we want, as long as we don’t hurt others or take their stuff.” Wouldn’t that be nice?

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