WATCH: Social Justice Warrior Harasses Lyft Driver Over Hula Doll

Hula Doll

“Girls Night In” Star Complains About Hula Doll

by Josh Guckert

In a new video shared on Facebook by I, Hypocrite and on YouTube by Lauren Southern, a social justice warrior takes aim at her Lyft driver for his Hula Doll. The complaining party, Annaliese Nielsen, is the founder of “Girls Night In,” a secretive online community of women.

The clip begins with Nielsen complaining of the “pillaging of the continent of Hawaii.” She then chastises the driver for purchasing the doll at Goodwill and displaying it on his dashboard. After several minutes of back-and-forth, the other passenger states that Nielsen’s reaction is “pretty pathetic” before the driver finally tells Nielsen that she must get out of his car and find another driver. Humorously, Nielsen threatens to expose her driver’s insensitivity on the now-defunct website Gawker.

Watch the video, preceded by commentary with Lauren Southern, below:

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