Top 10 Most Idiotic Common Core Homework Assignments

By Lina Bryce

Common Core – or more appropriately dubbed “Common Horror”- has motivated a legion of parents to share photos of some of the dumbest assignments their children are given for homework in public schools. It has made math the most abhorrent subject to any child who might otherwise enjoy it and even some revisionist history.

If there must be a standard, who ever thought it would be a good idea to have the government decide what that standard should be? If you had any doubts, wait until you see some of these “10 Dumbest Common Core Assignments”.

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1. See if you can figure the ‘hidden answer’ on this one:


Proof of Illuminati conspiracy?illuminati-jayz-300x230

Maybe the “hidden partners” know the answer. If not, I’m certain students would have a choice ‘hidden’ finger as a quick response.

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