Toby Keith’s New Song Should Be a Call to Action for Americans

Country music singer/songwriter Toby Keith released a new song to commemorate America’s 245th birthday entitled “Happy Birthday America”.

The lyrics are as follows:

Happy birthday America, It’s the 4th of July

I get to wake up in your freedom, But sometimes I wonder why

Seems like everybody’s pissin’ On the red, white and blue

Happy birthday America, Whatever’s left of you

You were the darlin’ when you saved the world WW I and II

France would just be part of Germany now If it hadn’t been for you

Now your children want to turn you in To something other than yourself

They burn your flag in their city streets More than anybody else

Who they gonna count on When you’re not there to take their call

Will the world keep right on spinnin’ Without the greatest of them all

Without the helping hand of God Your days are numbered my old friend

We’re sure gonna miss you girl You were the best that’s ever been

Happy birthday America

All the broken-down cities By the left’s design

And the right can’t seem to get it right Most of the time

Every time I go to town and vote I just come home with the blues

The lesser of two evils, All we ever get to choose


I have been a fan of Toby Keith’s music for most of my life, and I have always respected him for his unabashed love for this country. As an outspoken advocate for individual liberty and the values that made America the greatest nation in the history of the world, this song struck a chord with me.

It was my love for liberty that first led me to get into the world of media because I felt that many modern-day Americans on both sides of the political aisle don’t really understand the principles on which this country was founded.

I understand his sentiment of feeling like there’s not much left of what America used to be as it seems that both sides want to worship government in their own way instead of valuing limited government and the freedom to live in whatever manner you choose. I am sure it wouldn’t be too bold of me to say that I am sure the lyrics of “Happy Birthday America” resonate with millions of my fellow countrymen as they feel like it is just a matter of time before our nation falls into oblivion. However, I am convinced that no matter how dark the days ahead may seem there is a light inside each one of us that will show us the way forward. 

It is this internal light that will guide the hands and hearts of all who understand the blessings of liberty to fight the evil that seeks to destroy our country from within. The lyrics of Toby’s song have more than just a hint of truth in them. 

Listen to this song and let it stir your heart—not to mourn, but instead let the lyrics motivate you to action to save our American Republic. Let us not pass the buck off to another generation, but fight for what is good and right today. 

What better way to celebrate America than to fight to restore our founding principles and strive to be that more perfect union our founding fathers intended for us?

Listen to Toby’s new song below:


Image: Flickr, fishhawk

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