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By: Benjamin Hitzig

According to an article from the Inquisitr, infamous Alt-Right personality and founder of the National Policy Institute Richard Spencer got punched again and glitter bombed at a rally against foreign intervention in Syria. According to the article as well as an article by Anti-Fascist News, counter-protesters screamed “Go Home Nazi” and called him a “Nazi Snowflake.” After this, he was chased across the park and attacked. After the protests ended, According to Washington’s Top News, he was escorted out by police and got an Uber. Spencer claims that the driver abandoned the car after being surrounded by counter-protesters. He then had to get another cab.

This isn’t the first time the controversial figure had been assaulted. Most notably during Inauguration day, he was punched two separate times, according to Business Insider. A fierce debate had ensued in which people asked themselves whether or not it’s okay to “Punch a Nazi”. While some have stated that there’s nothing more American then punching a Nazi, meanwhile, others have disputed this claim. Richard Spencer believes in racial separatism, as supported by articles such as those in the Flathead Beacon and HEAVY. This is the idea that different races should live amongst themselves.

It will be interesting to see whether the violence between fringes on the far left and right continue.


  • Anton Grimes

    nazis aren’t safe anywhere

    • djlaser

      You are against free speech now and you accuse other people of being nazis? Impressive level of cognitive dissonance going on here.

    • reversalmushroom

      Richard Spencer isn’t a Nazi. He thinks the different races should live separately; he doesn’t want non-whites rounded up and killed or to force everyone to live under a repressive regime. Also, if you’re going to criticize him, then you have to criticize places like Mexico, Japan, Korea, and a whole bunch of other POC countries because they also want their countries to stay mostly their race. It’s actually in the Mexican constitution that the Mexican government can’t do anything to rapidly change demographics.

  • chris n

    i support punching libertarians as well as nazis

    • djlaser

      That’s illegal. And its completely against our way of life in this country.

      Nobody has a right to harm another for their words. You should be ashamed of yourself.

    • reversalmushroom

      You’re an extremist and an asshole who takes their political views way too seriously.

    • Me

      Libertarians support giving you a beating if you try that. 🙂

    • Uncle Arty

      How about stepping up your game and giving an anarchist a try

  • reversalmushroom

    But why? He’s on their side on this. The left is supposedly anti-war, and he’s anti-war.

  • Dany Varna

    So is Hitzer a RINO beaner jew gay infiltrator that HATES white babies or something? 🙂 Cute