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Petition Demands Supermarket Stop Selling “Insensitive” Snowman Shirt

by Josh Guckert

A new petition has begun online which demands that a British supermarket called Asda stop selling children’s shirts depicting a snowman with the caption “I’m having a meltdown.” Protesters suggest that this phraseology is insensitive to the mentally ill. The pleading states:

Last year Asda showed how little they care for people suffering mental health conditions with this cruel joke of a Halloween costume.

We complained and campaigned in our thousands and it was removed from sale.


This year they’re using children’s Christmas themed clothing to make fun out of peoples suffering, with this poorly thought out and down right mean t shirt slogan “I’m having a melt down”. 

Anyone suffering with ASD and similar spectrum disorders or mental health conditions that involve having melt downs as a symptom deserve understanding and acceptance.

They/we do NOT deserve to be made fun of.

Under equalities act 2010, disability is a ” protected characteristic ” we put out to Asda that they’re breaking the guidelines set out with this awful slogan.

We request that all stock be immediately removed from shelves, without question or hesitation.

The petition thus far has 241 signers with a stated goal of 500 signatures. In addition, the director of external affairs at the UK’s National Autistic Society also expressed dismay, stating, “Autistic children and adults can struggle with loud noises, strong smells, bright lights and new places and become completely overwhelmed. This can mean people lose control of their behaviour – a lot of families and people on the autism spectrum call this a ‘meltdown’ or ‘shutdown,'”

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