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Here’s How Trump Voters Could Give Your Pocketbook to Bernie Sanders

by Amber Loveshe

The inter-party feud between avidly supporting the Republican nominee and meticulously ridiculing him has caused immense division within the GOP, a consequence much more pressing than many realize. Incumbents hoping to secure another term have struggled with the task of both supporting the party nominee while also distancing themselves from his divisive and crude rhetoric. Florida Senator and former presidential candidate Marco Rubio has juggled with this task, subjecting himself to attack ads from his opponent, Patrick Murphy, which attempt to connect Rubio’s support for Trump as support for Trump’s off-color comments.

While Rubio continues to dodge the slippery slope of party loyalty, many GOP leaders, such as Paul Ryan, have publicly voiced they are no longer supporting the nominee. As a result, constituents have responded with talks of boycotting all elected officials that will not back the “people’s choice,” disregarding the fact that Trump received the most votes against him of any GOP presidential candidate in history.

The Washington Post
The Washington Post

Trump supporters may want to “teach their representatives a lesson,” but doing so will retroactively teach Trumpkins the biggest lesson of all: a house divided cannot stand. In a speech given to a Young Republicans group last week, Ryan boldly stated: “If we lose the Senate, do you know who becomes chair of the Senate Budget Committee? A guy named Bernie Sanders. You ever heard of him?”

With a Democratic majority, Sanders will have the power to replace current chair Mike Enzi on the budget committee. There is also a chance for him to become chair of the Health, Education, and Pensions Committee. Both of these committees give Sanders the power to begin to implement many of the economic changes he campaigned for in his run for the Democratic presidential nomination. Fans of the Vermont Senator are overjoyed, causing many Democrats to focus on voting along party lines down the ballot, even if they are still stung from Hillary Clinton‘s calculated attempts to work with the DNC against Bernie  in the primary.

The possibility of a Clinton presidency looms large. By taking the chance of losing control of the legislative branch, Trump supporters are both allowing Trump to face larger opposition in the event he steps into office, as well as paving the way for Clinton to receive easy approval for her Supreme Court nominees, while simultaneously creating a budget that will be Feeling the Bern should she win the election.

It seems as if the Democrats are putting aside their differences to take control of the legislative branch, while Republican voters are focused on selectively supporting members of their party: only those who will back Trump.

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