2016 Presidential Race

Michael Moore Teases Trump for Being Afraid of Megyn Kelly

In an must-see interview with Michael Moore, the liberal film maker teases Trump for being afraid of the Megyn Kelly. He also praises Kelly for “frightening” Trump more than the other candidates.

Moore raised the issue of Trump and Kelly’s feud over the host’s objections.

“I get to ask the questions here,” Kelly said, seemingly amused.

“What is he afraid of?” Moore laughed, “I’m sitting here.”

Moore raises a good point. Surely, if an ultra left socialist like Moore can sit down with Kelly then why is Trump so afraid?

“Let’s talk about the movie,” Kelly said, trying to steer away from Trump.

“That’s not why I’m here!” Moore jokes. “You just didn’t deserve to be treated this way.”

“You have done something that Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, Rubio, Cruz, none of them have been able to do — which is, essentially, to frighten him, make him run, shut him down,” Moore said in awe of the host.


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