Top 5 Ways Libertarianism Can Teach You How to Attract Women


by Josh Guckert

The libertarian movement is notoriously devoid of females. However, there are many lessons to be learned which can assist libertarians in attracting women. These are the five way libertarianism can teach you how to attract women.

1. Channel Your Inner John Galt

One of the most important traits in attracting the opposite sex is confidence. It doesn’t matter how wealthy, successful, or physically attractive you are: the image you project is what others will see. For that reason, libertarians would be wise to invoke the character traits of some of their favorite rugged individualists when they attempt to act as potential suitors.

Of course, the most famous example of a libertarian “he-man” may be John Galt from Atlas Shrugged. However, many more subtle archetypes exist. There are libertarian celebrities like Clint Eastwood, who made his swagger part of his many successful movie characters.

There are also libertarian politicians who have taken advantage of this tactic. Everyone knows about the absurd athletic feats exuded by Gary Johnson. However, a better example of his character is his reaction to being under attack for so-called “gaffes.” He showed enough confidence to defend himself and continue on in the face of criticism.

Likewise, if you’re concerned about your physical traits, think of Rand Paul. He has become a dominant and compelling figure in American politics. Because of the way he presents himself, most people are surprised to learn that he is only 5’8”.

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