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Libertarian Chair: Our Struggles Are Comparable to Women Before Suffrage and African Americans Before ’60s


By Grant M. Deltz

Chairman of the Libertarian National Committee Nicholas Sarwark received criticism following remarks he made during a conversation with Salon. 

Sarwark remarked,

“The Libertarian Party is in the same place where African-Americans were prior to the ’60s. We’re in the same place where women were prior to getting the right to vote. We have to try harder because we are judged more harshly.”

The chairman received social media criticism. Here is the top comment from the Salon article, which is a fair representation of the whole comment section.

Many are calling the analogies made by Sarwark further examples of poor PR by the Libertarian Party and its leadership. In previous weeks, Vice Chairman Arvin Vohra made remarks comparing military veterans, servicemen and servicewomen to “murderers.”

Before Vohra’s comments, which he doubled down on, the Libertarian Party’s official Facebook page posted a quote from a satanic temple the day before Good Friday.

Many are wondering how Sarwark’s comments will affect the party’s long standing struggle to reach out to women and people of color.

Here is the link to the Salon article.



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