2016 Presidential Race Free Style

New Johnson Ad: Clowns to the Left, Jokers to the Right


by Josh Guckert

A new ad for the Gary Johnson campaign points out the many, many faults of the major-party nominees.¬†From Clinton’s dishonesty to Trump’s flip-flops, the video pinpoints some of the most prominent issues of the Democrat and Republican.

Impressively compacting their criticisms to 65 seconds, the Johnson campaign examines for Clinton:

  • Her infamous comment about the “basket of deplorables”
  • Her memorable lie about landing in Bosnia “under sniper fire”
  • Her statements that “corporations and businesses” don’t create jobs
  • Her desire to put coal companies and miners out of business

And for Trump:

  • His support of “stop and frisk”
  • His shocking Access Hollywood tape
  • His support of banning Muslim immigration
  • His belief that he could “shoot someone” and not lose any votes
  • His mocking of a disabled reporter

Watch below:

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