Husband Steals Mistress’ Son, Sells Him For $6,500 To Pay Bills

Son Money

by Ryan Pickrell

A married Chinese man kidnapped his illegitimate son and sold him to pay his debts, three days after being beaten by creditors, the Paper revealed.

Mr. Chen, a 33-year-old resident of Zhejiang, racked up around $450,000 in debt after his business investments tanked. Fearing a follow-up to the beating he received from his less-than-reputable lenders, Chen hatched a peculiar plan to make a quick buck.

He decided to sell his 2-year-old illegitimate son online.

Chen met a buyer on a site for people who want to adopt but aren’t willing to go through legal channels, a common practice in China. Mr. Zhu, a 44-year-old divorcee unable to have children, said he would buy the child for $6,500, a little less than half of the $15,000 figure Chen initially proposed. In desperate need of money, Chen agreed to the lower figure.

With a buyer in place, all Chen needed was the kid.

Acquiring the child was a bit tricky. Chen first tried to convince his mistress that he wanted to take the child back home and let his parents raise him, but she suspected something was off, according to reports.

Chen then kidnapped his son on Oct. 17.

Chen boarded a train in Wenzhou and set out for Hunan, where Zhu was waiting for him. Online, Chen introduced himself to Zhu as a single mother who simply didn’t have the money to raise her child, so when he met Zhu, he told him that he was the child’s uncle.

The exchange went off without any problems.

Chen, however, was arrested last Friday for child trafficking. Zhu was also arrested but later released on bail. The boy was returned to his mother on Monday.

In China, children are often seen as property who can be traded or sold as needed, and it is one of the main reasons the country’s child trafficking problem is so severe.

A Chinese man tried to sell his six-year-old daughter for $8,500 to raise financial capital for his business back in July. A couple from Fujian sold their 18-day-old child in March and bought an iPhone and a motorbike, reports the Shanghaiist. There are many examples of this type of behavior in China.

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