How to Motivate Your Child to Apply for Scholarships

Getting into college is already a stressful experience as a child needs to prepare for the transition. Needless to say that financial aspects of acquiring a college education are even more daunting. For this reason, the majority of parents try to encourage their kids to apply for scholarships. Given the cost of tuition, scholarship is a great opportunity to save up some money. There are thousands of different scholarships, so it would be a shame not to try and apply for some. Today, we’re here to help with 5 easy tips to make motivation even more effective.

Let the Numbers Talk

Everybody likes real-life examples that they can feel and almost touch. For this reason, the following idea may be a good start. Explain to your kids using numbers that if they get a scholarship of $5,000, for instance, they won’t have to get student loans of $5,000. That is to say, they won’t have to return the debt, and pay the interest rate of 6%. To put it shortly, by not paying up $6,661 for the original loan, they will save up $1,661 (and that’s only a first year of studying).

Find the Accountability Partner

Nothing works better than feeling that you’re not alone. In your situation, if another student in your child’s class is trying to get a scholarship as well, why don’t they get in touch? It’s much easier when you have someone to discuss your troubles and struggles. What is more, it can also add the feeling of competition. If it’s not too much, it won’t be the worst idea to work as a motivation.

Don’t Hesitate to Help

It’s important to share your kid’s burden. They’re under a lot of pressure already, leaving school and thinking about final exams. For this reason, if they feel that you’re ready to help, it will be the best motivation ever. Professional scholarship writing help sites can be of great help if don’t know what an effective scholarship essay should look like. Still, remember we advise you to help, so don’t get driven away by doing everything on your own. Work as a team.

Offer to Organize a Party

Throwing a party is never a bad idea. As a means of motivation it can also work. Invite your kid’s friends and turn submitting applications into a bit of a game. Think of an incentive that may work as a reward if they send a particular number of applications. Tasty snacks, refreshing drinks and getting into college isn’t a terrifying experience any longer.

Believe in Your Kid

Having faith that your child can achieve the goal and showing that you care is the best motivation of all. Don’t be scared to get involved. Have no doubts to talk and discuss what worries your child has. This very moment your kid needs your support more than ever, so just believe in them. Show them that you believe in them, children feel empowered when their parents believe in them.

Summing up, we’d like to say that certainly there’s no universal key to your kid’s heart, mind and motivation. You’ll have to try various things and something will definitely work. Most importantly, remember not to be bossy putting too much pressure and love your kid even in case of the worst scenario.

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