5 ways to present your business out of the box

As an entrepreneur, you want to introduce as many people as possible to your business. This is the thought that every entrepreneur has and therefore you need to stand out from the competition. The big question then is how to do that. Below are a few examples of how you can stand out from the competition by having your own logo or text printed on non-standard products.

For starters, you can print stickers (translation: stickers bedrukken). Stickers come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. For example, you can have your own logo printed on logo stickers. You can order these stickers in many different sizes and you can stick them anywhere. You can also get magnetic stickers printed. These stickers can easily be placed on a car to show your company when you are on the road. Of course, you can also order window stickers, so that everyone who passes by can immediately see your company.

Looking for a fun way to dress up your business from the inside? Then have wallpaper circles made and stick them up inside. You can have your own company logo printed on them or choose a fun other print that will immediately catch the eye of guests upon entering. The wallpaper circles are easy to attach with the necessary accessories.

You can also choose to have your message printed on striking paper. For example, you can have flyers or folders printed on hemp paper. This type of paper contains up to 50% cannabis and is produced sustainably. The hemp paper is fully compostable. Another notable paper type is elephant dung paper. This paper is indeed made from elephant dung and is completely odorless.

Another very simple, yet very effective product are the with compliment cards. These are larger business cards on which you can put a personal message to your customers or partners. The cards come in different sizes, exactly the sizes that fit well in envelopes or boxes. Want to think about the environment at the same time? You can with our sustainable options: compost paper, biotop and kraft cardboard brown.

Surely the most striking item from this list is the ceiling frame. This is an aluminum textile frame (translation: aluminium textielframe) that you can hang from the ceiling, so that customers or visitors also see something interesting when they look at the ceiling. You can choose whether to hang the frame from the ceiling or to lay it flat. The fabric of the ceiling frame is easy to replace, so you can have different prints made and easily change them in the frame.

With these rather special products you can stand out from the competition and be one step ahead of your competition. So your company will be seen more often and you will quickly notice the effect of this!


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