How Should Libertarians Deal With The Problems Of ISIS And Iran? [PODCAST]

Libertarian And Objectivist Debate Problems With Radical Islam

Director of Advocacy at The Atlas Society
Director of Advocacy at The Atlas Society

Dr. Edward Hudgins of the Atlas Society joins the Freedom Report podcast to discuss libertarians and the problem of Iran. Is Iran an existential threat to the United States? And what about ISIS? How can we defend ourselves without creating even more problems for ourselves in the region?

Hudgins, an objectivist and former director of regulatory studies of the Cato Institute, argues that radical Islam poses a sincere threat, but that sanctions are probably not the answer. Although Hudgins is more hawkish than most libertarians, he believes that free trade and capitalism are the best way to undermine hostile regimes.

Dr. Hudgins argues that Enlightenment values are the difference between fighting regimes such as Nazi Germany, and ISIS, with the latter never having come into contact with classical liberal ideas. Hudgins believes that the Middle East freeing up their markets would be a good disincentive for Islamists to engage in peaceful cooperation rather than violence and force.

We also discuss Dr. Hudgins’ new book “The Republican Party’s Civil War,” and how libertarians can successfully continue to have their ideas embraced in the GOP.

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