Cardi B Disapproves of Gov’s Money Moves

“What’s the Deal?” asks Cardi B.

In a controversial Instagram post published earlier today the meteoric artist, Cardi B, expressed her displeasure with government fiscal policy.

Watch here:

Citing the lack of visible return on investment, this hip hop artist asks what many of us are thinking every year come tax season, “Where is my money going?”. Specifically evoking anecdotes of the dirty streets and rat infested subways of New York City she wonders why exactly she should be paying 40% of her income when the things that matter to her aren’t being taken care of. Well Ms. B, the answer is nowhere good. Most of it goes to the 3 trillion dollar bipartisan black hole that is entitlement spending. Another half a trillion gets thrown overboard in immoral, unconstitutional, ineffective, ‘nation building’ wars. Truth is only a small fraction of government spending goes towards the things that people think it goes to such as schools, roads, and protecting property rights.

See for yourself:

I for one share the sentiment.

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