BREAKING: Comey Summoned to Testify Before House Oversight Committee Over Hillary Decision

Comey to answer for questionable decision

In a stunning development, the House Oversight Committee has summoned FBI Director James Comey to testify before them. Comey recently submitted the recommendation that no charges be filed against Hillary Clinton for her role in mishandling classified information. By using her private email server to host documents related to our national security, Clinton put the country at risk. Comey’s recommendation made a mockery of the rule of law, and now he’ll have to answer for it. You can watch a short timeline of the decision provided by Fox News below:

House Oversight Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) spoke to the need to obtain all pertinent facts surrounding the FBI’s decision. “Congress and the American people have a right to understand the depth and breadth of the FBI’s investigation.” Comey has agreed to this summons, and will appear before the panel on Thursday.

Referring to Clinton’s handling of her emails as “extremely careless,” Comey went on to outline how Hillary put our national security at risk with her callous indifference towards the law. Yet, while the investigation seemed to suggest that Hillary clearly lied about how she handled classified information, the FBI let her off the hook. Per Politico, many of Clinton’s statements directly contradicted what the FBI discovered.

Hopefully this committee hearing will unearth some of the FBI’s rationale in this matter. Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s meeting with former President Clinton will likely come up, as it should. It hardly seems coincidental that the meeting came directly before a not-guilty verdict. The Clinton family has a storied history of pursuing political power at all costs, and this represents yet another attempt to skirt the law.

Lynch has been summoned to a separate hearing over the same matter.

It is hard to predict what new information will arise through this hearing. If Comey is committed to protecting Secretary Clinton, this could turn into little more than a wild goose chase. Certainly, it is unlikely that any new criminal charges will result from it.

However, Comey did use some scathing language when he delivered his remarks. It’s possible that in a committee full of Republicans begging the question of Hillary’s guilt, he could give them something to chew on. It would not be a surprise to see snippets of the hearing littered through GOP ads in the 2016 presidential cycle.

Regardless of the outcome, Americans should still be aware that a great miscarriage of justice has occurred. Hillary’s actions reinforce that the “elites” of this country are not held to the same standards as average law-abiding Americans. The FBI chose not to recommend putting her behind bars, so its up to the American people to make sure one less criminal assumes the presidency in November.

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