2016 Presidential Race

House Dems Boo Bernie Sanders for Refusing to Fully Endorse Hillary

House Democrats reportedly booed Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders for refusing to give a timetable on when he will fully endorse presumptive Democratic Party nominee, Hillary Clinton.

The Hill reports that Sanders received boos when he told House members his goal was to “transform America” and not to win elections. While Sanders has signaled soft support for Clinton, he has refused to end his own presidential campaign or fully endorse the presumptive nominee.

Apparently, Sanders met some backlash over his push to remove super delegates from the nominating process, as well.

He was also asked about whether he’d be willing to reform caucuses in the same way he’s been pushing to overhaul the superdelegate system in future Democratic presidential primaries. Sanders has called for more open primaries, but hasn’t taken a similar position on caucuses, in which he frequently performed better during the contest against Clinton.

“There were some candid conversations. He was asked about his commitment to the party, he was asked about, you want to go after superdelegates, what about caucuses?” said Rep. Gerry Connolly (D-Va.). “He acknowledged that caucuses can be a problem. But he also talked about firehouse caucuses, which can maybe bridge that gap.”

It appears the Democrats may be getting fed up with Bernie’s revolution. However, many party members view Sanders’ coordination with Hillary Clinton on his debt-free college plan as a step in the right direction.


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