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Hospital Sent Into Lockdown After Umbrella Was Mistaken For Rifle

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On Wednesday January 17th Evergreen Medical Center in Kirkland, WA was locked down after surveillance showed what security believed was a man walking around with a rifle on his back.

The story takes an interesting twist, as it turns out the umbrella was a novelty umbrella. It wasn’t designed to look like an umbrella at all. This is where the story gets even weirder. It was designed to look like a broadsword.

Below is a tweet from the Kirkland Police Department after the man in the surveillance video was located.


Twitter user Brent Oford added that a business was located just a few blocks away called Monolith, which is a company that makes the Shadow of Morder games. He believes that the individual may work for them given the nature of his novelty umbrella.

This is the surveillance photo that was released:

Looking at the angle and low quality resolution of the footage, it becomes a little more understandable how this may have looked like a gun to the untrained eye. A rifle owner however will tell you there’s no way possible after a quick glance.

Plus, nobody wears a rifle barrel up outside of Hollywood fiction.

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