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Girl Engineers Treehouse Mansion, Township Orders It Dismantled

Elise Truchan, 14-year-old Leet Township resident, engineered a two-story treehouse for a school “innovation project;” complete with a carpeted penthouse, exterior siding, rope ladder, sliding windows, a birdhouse, and a battery-powered fan and lighting. Her local government is now telling her to tear it down.

Cool, guys.

While private and public education professionals and entities are pushing for more females to enter STEM fields, some young girl actually engineers a kickass tree house and her government tells her to tear it down. Party. Foul.

A notice from her township told her that the treehouse violates a zoning ordinance, and that she should have obtained a building permit prior to building the house. The notice also told her that if she didn’t “dismantle” the treehouse in 15 days, she would face citations.

Truchan’s parents fought for an extension to dismantle, and won. Now, she has until October 1 of this year to tear the tree mansion down.

“It took about a month of planning and almost two months of building; and I worked almost everyday to build,” Truchan said.

The girl even did research on building codes prior to the project, and didn’t find anything that would prevent her from building her treehouse.

“Elise did a lot of research,” her dad said in a interview (below) with Fox News. “She did a lot of research, and I did research in the background also, just to make sure, for safety reasons. And everything that we read, everywhere we read, there was nothing that said- especially in the building codes on the website of the township- nothing was said pertaining to a child’s playhouse or treehouse.”

Poor girl probably didn’t build that anyways.

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