Political Comedy

EPIC VIDEO: Three Former Cops Get High on Weed

by Keith Farrell

Three former Washington police officers sat down to smoke some weed and the results are epic.

The video entitled “Ex-Cops Smoking Weed” was produced by Cut.com. In the hilarious video the three former law enforcement officers get stoned and talk about the nuances of criminalization and give each other sobriety tests.

Washington has now legalized weed, which allowed Cut.com to find three officers willing to get high on camera. Hesitant at first, the three older gentleman start with a single bong hit but are soon toking down joints like pros.

The three discuss marijuana prohibition, give each other field sobriety tests, and play games with each other. The video is quite amusing, however it also dispels many of the misconception around marijuana use.

The oldest of three laughs at the notion that marijuana is a gateway. All three men enjoyed their experience and one was even happy to discover his headache had gone away. The oldest argues marijuana should be legal and that medical access to the drug should be available.

All three former police officers confessed they would probably smoke pot again after the experiment. One in particular seemed to be really enjoying himself.

The video ends with them all smoking up and most viewers’ jaws on the ground.

What do you think, are attitudes on pot smoking changing in this country?

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