2016 Presidential Race Free Style

Here are 9 Easy Ways to Piss Off a Major Party Supporter

7. Correct them about Ross Perot.

This specific point plays in to the “wasted vote” category as well as “a vote for X is really a vote for Y!” The funny thing is, in this case, it is employed by both sides. “But Ross Perot cost Bush 41 the election in ’92!” they exclaim. False. This myth has been debunked many times. There are a ton of articles out there. Did Perot garner a ton of support and gather a ton of votes? Yes. There is no evidence that support was pulled from one side or the other.

8. Tell them what your favorite federal agency (aside from the IRS) to abolish would be.

If none of the following methods worked, this one is almost certain to work. This isn’t something which the supporters of the two major parties ever put much thought into because, well, they are busy planning out new and exciting ways to expand government and waste more of the taxpayers’ money. If nothing else, use this method when you have an urge to yell out “MUH ROADS!” because the counterarguments will be reduced to “but who will pay for/take care of/ensure….” etc. All roads lead to…well, roads.

9. Inform them that taxation is theft.

And just when they can’t take it any more and are about to bow out of the argument, hit ’em with a good ol’ “TAXATION IS THEFT!” for good measure. Plant the seeds of liberty one proverbial exploding head at a time.

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