2016 Presidential Race Free Style

Here are 9 Easy Ways to Piss Off a Major Party Supporter

by Jennifer Giorgi
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This election cycle is entertaining if nothing else. With two of the most hated nominees ever put forward by the two major parties, it is no wonder third party and independent candidates are getting much more attention than normal. There are a few stubborn ol’ mules who refuse to budge. Here are some tips on how to deal with them.

1. Tell them why their candidate is flawed.

We are now over a year into mess that is this election season. People have invested a lot of emotional and mental energy on their candidates. It almost doesn’t matter what any candidate is accused of at this point. Many are SO INVESTED and their mind is so completely made up that they could be a serious contender in the next Olympics with the mental gymnastics they must perform to stick up for their candidate – regardless of the argument one could make against their decision.

2. Tell them why their biggest adversary is also flawed.

Major party supporters are used to getting bashed for their decisions by now. What they aren’t used to is someone moving on from bashing their candidate to bashing their candidates’ main adversary. This makes some people happy to talk about. They have spent months memorizing things to say when someone pokes holes in their logic of who they believe would be the most fit to be the leader of the free world. Once you join in on discussing why their adversary would also not make a good leader, they become excited, perplexed, and angry all at once. It is really fun to watch happen.

3. Tell them you are voting third party.

They might have figured this is where you were headed by now, but if they haven’t, throw this at them and listen for a series of grunts and mostly incoherent babble. They might appear to believe they have bested you as they throw all kinds of arguments about why voting third party is a joke and a waste of time.

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