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by Micah J. Fleck

The New York Post has reported the latest regarding the band Depeche Mode’s response to hearing that Richard Spencer, the self-proclaimed Alt-Right founder and white nationalist. Spoilers: they aren’t amused.

The report states:

Back in 1993, Depeche Mode singer Dave Gahan suffered a minor heart attack onstage during a show in New Orleans — brought on by an exhausting touring schedule and heavy drug and alcohol use.

But just a month ago, Gahan’s heart skipped a beat for an entirely different reason.

As the Brit band (who have sold more than 100 million albums during the past 37 years) was beginning to promote its new album, “Spirit,” white supremacist — and self-professed Mode mega-fan — Richard Spencer said that the electro-pioneers were the “official band of the alt-right,” in an interview at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington, DC, before being kicked out by CPAC organizers.

“My phone kept ringing and ringing,” Gahan, 54, tells The Post, still incredulous at the thought. “I had to tell everyone, ‘No, we’re not the official band of the alt-right.’ ” He’s recounting the story during an interview at the Avatar Studios in Hell’s Kitchen (formerly the Power Station) — where Madonna recorded “Like a Virgin,” and artists such as Springsteen and The Rolling Stones also made classic albums.

“I could understand some commie jumping on us because of our history and working-class background,” Gahan says. “But this was ridiculous.”

The band said as much in a polite but firmly worded statement distancing themselves from Spencer and his extremist politics. In person, Gahan is far less courteous.

“He’s a dangerous person — he’s well-educated and he’s using it to promote hate and fear. I saw the video of him getting punched [during protests at the inauguration of President Trump]; he deserved it.”

Well… That’s as clear as it’s going to get. Depeche Mode, officially not an alt-right band. Glad that’s settled.


  • richard garyson

    So David Gahan doesn’t want Depeche Mode to be the official band of the Alt Right. Fine. Still, it begs the question: what is it about Depeche Mode that attracts a “fascist” like Richard Spencer?

    And Gahan’s endorsement of violence against Richard Spencer is infinitely worse than anything Richard Spencer has ever said.

    • Matthew Andrews

      what is it about Depeche Mode that attracts a “fascist” like Richard Spencer? That’s pretty weak. There’s tin pot dictatorship that like elvis. I saw a documentary about fascists and one guy was professing his love for the “hotel California”. Some murders like kit kats. As for the punching thing. The far right would love nothing more than a race war where lots of people get punched in the face.

  • Many Whites pretend diversity is a strength and race is just skin color difference to seize the moral high ground and avoid being called a racist.

    Races are not interchangeable.

    What evidence do whites have that the US will be safer, wealthier and more united if or when whites become a US minority? None.

    • Matthew Andrews

      What makes you think we want whites as a minority? You guys are getting too high of your own supply.

  • Tory Propaganda

    Just a tip for younger knuckle-draggin Neanderthal nation-staterz from an older Imperial Australopithecus.

    First as neo-nationalists you chose a bunch of foreigners rather than your own countrymen to provide your theme song. Big oops I suggest staying local on these things.

    Secondly you didn’t check with them first.

    This is how us older folks would have handled it.

    First check the incoming tea tax revenue. Once again rebel colonists are late.

    Secondly contact the artist (Mike Muir of Suicidal Tendencies in my neo-imperial case) kindly ask permission to use their song as a “theme song” (let’s pick YOU CAN’T BRING ME DOWN).

    It may even be appropriate to offer payment, but thats ok since were not commies right.