This Common Core Math Problem Makes Zero Sense

Jennifer Hall took to Twitter this week to vent her frustrations over her daughter’s ridiculous math homework provided by Common Core. Hall’s 3rd grader is just learning fractions for the first time, but this assignment is likely to leave any child more confused than they were before.


The assignment calls for the children to “Match the picture with the fraction that names the shaded part.” However, as Hall points out in her tweet, “There are no shaded parts.”

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This is the type of education that children in 45 states and the District of Columbia are receiving. Unbelievably, this isn’t even the worst example of what Common Core is “teaching” to children.

Last week, a concerned older sister posted her 4th grade sibling’s math instructions to Twitter. This worksheet for Common Core students in New York is impossible to fathom. “Use number bonds to help you skip-count by seven by making ten or adding to the ones,” the directions state. What does that even mean?

Twitchy has compiled an expansive list of Common Core’s greatest hits, each one more redundant than the last. These assignments are self-evident that when you leave the government in charge of anything, they’ll erode it into a complicated mess. Children deserve a better education than this.

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