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TMZ is reporting that GPS records from Justin Bieber’s rented Lamborghini  show that there was no evidence of any drag racing, contrary to police reports. Miami beach cops claimed that they noticed Bieber drag racing, which was the pretext for stopping and arresting him, saying that he was going between 55 and 60 miles per hour. But thanks to the GPS device in the car, that now appears to be false and it could derail the entire case against the singer.

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With documents obtained by TMZ, GPS records show that at 4:07 a.m. Bieber left the club at a speed of 44 MPH, then two minutes later the readout registered at 27 MPH. Cops claimed that they noticed the drag race on the 2600 block of Pine Tree Drive, Bieber then came to a stop and was arrested on the 4100 block. The 27 MPH block was recorded on the 3700 block, right in the middle of where Bieber was supposed to be drag racing. So Bieber was going 27 mph in an area where the speed limit is 30 MPH.

Bieber was going UNDER the speed limit. 

If Bieber had been drag racing, the records from the GPS in the Lambo would have shown a higher speed, but TMZ’s GPS records have shown that the maximum speed reached on Pine Tree Drive was 27 MPH.

But wait, there’s more!

Officers claimed that 2 Escalades had stopped on Pine Tree in order to allow the drag race to happen. But TMZ acquired the GPS info from the cars and noted that at 4:06, when the cops say Bieber was drag racing, the Escalades were moving and they didn’t stop until Bieber was pulled over. The cars never stopped to accommodate a drag race as the cops had reported.

This is a big problem for the Miami Beach police department, who as The Libertarian Republic has reported in the past, has major credibility issues. TMZ has had their videos of that night subpoenaed by police and they are reporting that they show no evidence of a drag race.

What’s the problem officers?

Justin Bieber has been in the headlines for his poor behavior, and a major petition has been sent to the White House demanding that he be deported. It’s absolutely despicable and outrageous that people in America would be so bigoted against someone because they don’t like his music, or his behavior that they would want him deported. The White House will now have to respond to the petition to deport Bieber because it acquired over 100,000 signatures.

Think Bieber is bad? What about these juvenile delinquents?

Think Bieber is bad? What about these juvenile delinquents?

Personally I am f**king disgusted with every single person who signed a petition to deport him, no matter his poor behavior. There was a time in America when the youth got into all sorts of trouble, drinking alcohol at the drive-thru’s, combing their hair into duck tails, dressing like greasers and driving hot rods, and the narrative at the time was the same. The youth of the country was going to hell, and something needed to be done. Well that generation turned out to be just fine, and I’m pretty sure that Bieber will be too. He’s even earned quite a bit of respect from libertarians for refusing to hand over his cell phone password to cops that raided his house over an alleged egg throwing incident.

We all go through our hell raising years, and everyone has to learn from their mistakes. Cops who want to get their names in the papers will take advantage of Justin Bieber’s fame and popularity to try to trump up charges and lie to make their arrest quotas. I sincerely hope that every single despicable person that signed the petition to deport Bieber because of some childish antics will think long and hard about themselves and their place in the world. I also hope that they don’t have kids that get in trouble with the law, or god forbid, get caught smoking pot in a state where it’s not legal yet.

The fact that so many people are out to get Justin Bieber and try to deport him for behaving like so many of us do in our youth is a sad testament to the hatred and unnecessary lust for punishment that is so pervasive in American culture today. Shame on every one who signed that petition and God bless America, hell raising and Justin Bieber.

About The Author

Austin Petersen

Austin Petersen is the founder of The Libertarian Republic, as well as the CEO of Stonegait LLC. Formerly an Associate Producer for Judge Andrew Napolitano's show "Freedom Watch", on the Fox Business Network. Austin was referred to by the Judge as "The right side of my brain". He built Judge Napolitano's social networks with over 700,000 fans and millions of clicks a month. Austin graduated from Missouri State University. He has written and produced award winning plays and videos, and previously worked for the Libertarian National Committee and the Atlas Economic Research Foundation.

  • Steve

    I don’t necessarily want him deported. I’m just tired of all the press he gets for doing nothing of substance. I don’t want to see him in the news all the time simply because he’s not news! Most celebrities aren’t legitimate news unless they somehow commit a random act of human kindness. I don’t want to see Miley Cyrus wiggling her whatever all the time because that’s not news either. The biggest favor the news media could do for all of us is to not publish anything about these rich, spoiled brats. Perhaps the resulting lack of free publicity would help them to just go away. At least, it would keep them off legitimate news sites.

    • James Kelley

      I don’t have that problem with the unnecessary press, largely because I don’t read it.

      • derpleton


        • Mike H

          Typical Belieber.

          • Anti Troll Troller

            I think it’s possible that comment was sarcastic.

    • Jay Smith

      i agree with steve they are not news worthy are there not more important things going on in this world let alone this country

  • John Ash

    Well, you have to admit, his music makes an excellent case for deportation to a planet that has no atmosphere to conduct sound.

  • farrightextreme

    Oh stop your whinning. I guess all the other craaap this boy does someone framed him for too.

    • derpleton

      wah wah I dont like him and when you point out that his actions dont fit my narrative I get upset at you wah wah wah…

  • Steve Svensson

    There’s definitely some cop corruption going on. At first they were reporting that he was escorted around town by cops, and the news kinda dropped that report.

  • insectg

    Florida cops exaggerate everything to keep funds flowing to their department. Remember the bath salt epidemic which was exaggerated?

  • Margie Pritchett

    So GPS equipment is infallible and cannot be tampered with or an employee bought?????

    • derpleton

      Its significantly less likely that he had someone go into the GPS records and modify them after the fact, than the cop is crooked and accusing him of something he didnt do.

      Furthermore tampering with the GPS to give false signals is well beyond Justin Bieber and his crew. As much as I know about how GPS works its also basically impossible to trick a GPS Satellite to give false location readings. At best he would have had to have someone spoofing a very specific identifier used to track his particular GPS chip and then following him around at a much slower rate of speed. He would also need to have the ability to cover this up. Hardly effective.

      I am by no means a GPS expert.

      • Mike H

        “I am by no means a GPS expert.”…yeah, clearly. My guess is the info came from the RENTAL house, somebody who clearly has skin in the game, from all the celebs who come rent the cars. THEY probably did it, or quite frankly, a GPS update every 2 minutes means absolutely nothing, because the drag race took probably 5 seconds. T-H-I-N-K about it.

        • derpleton

          GPS tracking system in a car updates significantly more often than every 2 minutes. Its almost real time, especially when navigation is involved. Get a clue.

          Nobody cares about your uninformed and stupid guesses. Especially any court system in the known world. I don’t understand why everyone has this absurd obsession with some crappy pop singer. You hate him and can’t prevent your personal biases from twisting everything your way. I get it. I don’t care.

          Also the TMZ article states he did not stop. That is kind of important in a drag race.

      • Margie Pritchett

        I didn’t think it was Bieber but he certainly has the funds to buy a solution to his problem. No expert has examined said GPS equipment or at least none report in this document. We just have a statement from the press and that information came from whom?

        • derpleton

          Well GPS communicates with a satellite that determines its position. He would have to have a way to hack that satellite to give it a false reading to calculate false locations. That would be an extremely sophisticated attack. Or have some way to falsify records within the organization that handles GPS.

          • Margie Pritchett

            We don’t know if the device has been examined or entered into an evidence log. GPS communicates with a satellite but that does not preclude tampering by the rental company. All we have is a statement from the press saying someone might have lied. All the press wants to do is sell stories about the mean ole police picking on an innocent Justin Bieber. Really, I don’t think so.

  • Subtle_Hustle

    If it turns out Miami PD lied, maybe they should be the ones deported.

    • W Richard Lobell

      or at least CHARGED for false police report

  • Hugh Beaumont

    Based on comments below, I don’t think Mr. Petersen was able to pierce the thick skin of his readers. This “lust for punishment” he describes is quite insightful, and should call everyone to take a deep look inside. Augustine coined the phrase “libido dominandi”, and anyone interested in truth should study it well.

    • americanexile

      Not thick skin. Just disgust at some spoiled crap singer from Canada and Austin Petersen’s hard on for him.

  • Grinningbear

    Behavior is a very acceptable reason for deportation. But as with all things, there should be a consensus regarding what defines deportable behavior. Then factor in what appears to be Official malfeasance of Law enforcement. Just another example of broken trust.

  • Aida Payton

    put that police vacation with out paid so he learn how to tell the truth in his report. He probably don’t like Justine. Thanks Judge for sharing…

  • Aida Payton

    what I meant put him on vacation with out paid..

  • jabman549 .

    2-minute gap between gps readings. Yeah, a lot can happen in two minutes. Wake up folks, this is a liberal site posing as a libertarian site in order to incite you into posting or doing something stupid. Many of you are willfully complying. It won’t be until you get denied by insta-check that you realize you’ve been duped into relinquishing your second amendment rights.

  • Jeffrey Olah

    if what the cops say is true…he should be deported for 1 year and put on probation after that but if this is true the cops have some splainin’ to do

    • W Richard Lobell

      if cops lied CHARGE them. false report, false arrest, etc

      • Jeffrey Olah


  • Mike H

    Whatever. Any half decent attorney could take apart this BS. First, it totally depends on the sampling rate of the GPS. Every two minutes isn’t exactly very telling. A drag race only takes about 10 SECONDS. Second, I’m sure the cop cars (maybe even the lambo) have dash cam video. Gook luck with this. My problem is a low-level journalist writing some Pro-Bieber/celebrity/defense crap. So did they fake the test results, too? Pot and Xannys? Get a life, reporter.

  • OKWishbone

    Why do so many people care about Justin Bieber? Wouldn’t the country be so much better off if we didn’t know where he was at all? Ever? Anywhere? At any time? Wouldn’t the society and the culture be improved if his CDs, concerts, appearances, images and most importantly, his influence with our children were invisible? I would hope that we could agree to never use a tracking device of any kind whether sonic, ultra-sonic, photographic, digital or some technology yet to be invented or discovered, to track or monitor the movement or actions of this particular young man. Please! I’m begging you!

  • Peter Martinez

    It would not be the first time law enforcement fabricated circumstances in order to indicate they had probable cause to make the stop. Bieber is a Canadian citizen so I say let him learn from his mistakes in Canada. A good lawyer will get all the evidence against him suppressed as facts would indicate the officer’s did not have probable cause and falsified the evidence thus making it inadmissible in court.


    Not all of us spit on people, drive 100+ mph around our neighborhood in our Ferrari’s and then assault & threaten to kill a neighbor when he dare confront us about our reckless behavior, and not all of us drive 100+ mph on the highway, or stop in traffic for 15 minutes and hold everyone up because someone decided to take a photo of us… and a MYRIAD of other BS things that he does which you either intentionally ignore or just don’t know about because you don’t live around here…

    But Justin Bieber does, and he just so happens to be the neighbor a close friend of mine.


    I don’t care about THIS CASE and I certainly don’t care that his “music” is shite, it doesn’t matter, I say deport his ass because he does so many shitty things which actually endanger people’s safety on a regular basis.

    Shame on your for writing this POS article and admonishing people who want this prick held accountable for the horrible things that he does.

    You’re no Liberty lover and you just proved it!

    Go to any other country, even ones with more freedom than we have, and do what Bieber did, your ass would be in jail THEN deported in a heartbeat.

    DEPORT BIEBER! He’s NOT A CITIZEN and he CONTINUALLY ENDANGERS INNOCENT PEOPLE & had ZERO REGARD for this country and it’s citizens.

    • Ryan Borger

      That spitting thing was a hoax actually. I’m not a fan or anything but lets keep things factually based if you are talking about deporting someone for egging a neighbors house, being falsely arrested by police, and just being a horrible fad. You don’t like him we get it.

    • Guest

      Actually, I’d like to deport you back to 1930’s Germany where your opinions are…

      JUST KIDDING! I wouldn’t even deport you for your diatribe. You’re entitled to it.

  • smartphone1

    I have some questions An automotive black box begins recording information only after it detects enough force to trigger it, such as in a collision or significant impact after a hard jolt. “The algorithm that sets off the capturing of EDR data can be triggered without deploying an airbag,” says Todd Hutchison, an accident reconstruction expert and vice president of VCE Inc. in Nashville, Tenn. “It can be set off by, say, hitting a curb really hard.” Otherwise, the device remains inactive. So were these freestanding GPS or is the media trying to make him look good

    • Dave H

      The vehicles were rentals so the gps device would have been installed by the rental company.

    • Ryan Borger

      Besides the rental thing the Gallardo lambos at least have a black box that logs everything, speed, acceleration, gps, rpm, everything is logged. High priced rental cars absolutely have gps secure on the car and location can be checked and logged.

  • mar

    If I was Justin Bieber I’d get the hell out of this god forsaken hell hole and spend my money somewhere where he’s appreciated.

  • James Bond

    So let the little punk go through his “hell raising years” in his own country, and not put American citizens in danger with his speeding and drugs.

  • elchucko

    we have enough problems with our own
    no need to import any more.

  • Chelsea Criner

    This is literally THE BEST and most fair, objective post I have seen related to this case so far. I love poking fun at Bieber just as much as the next person, especially since my mom used to tease me for looking like him when he first became popular. (I’m a girl.) But I agree that EVERYONE deserves a fair shake, celebrity puke or not. He is fun to make fun of, yes, but not without JUSTINfiable reason. Heh. Heh. *cough*

  • Chris Darrow

    Good Article. I hope it is true for many reasons, but what you said at the end about teenagers of the fifties summed it all up. We are “the land of the free and the home of the brave”, after all! Remember Jimmy Page and 13 yr-old girls, not to mention all the destruction of property and stupidity in the 60’s-70s period rock and roll mentality. No petitions for the “English” rockers..

  • Richard StJohn

    Okay we may be a bit harsh on poor JB. But he brings most of it on himself. We the public have the right to our own opinions as well judge. Now having established I’m no fan of this little boy who never saw a mirror hr didn’t like, For the Miami Beach cops to blatantly falsify charges is something that cannot be tolerated. I wonder if all of those people who asked for him to be deported support amnesty for illegals.

  • Jefferson Tester

    I can’t say he’s a great role model, but I wouldn’t deport him for it. Also, cops lying about someone committing a crime is hardly a surprise. These days, I would gather it’s true about half (or more) of the time.

  • smartphone1

    Have you noticed only these web sites are saying this. Not ONE reputable news web site has posted this

  • Kevin Andrew

    WHY IS THIS NEWS? Who gives a flying F*** about some stupid kid getting a dui. Just because he’s famous? This website has jumped the shark.

  • The Man from Scene 24

    As much as it pains me, I’m definitely going to have to side with Bieber on this one. In fact I hope he sues for wrongful arrest and wins.