Cheez-It Addicted Transgender Squirrel ‘Kevin’ Terrorizes Seattle Park [VIDEO]

A squirrel with a proverbial pair of balls named Kevin has been a busy little girl in Seattle’s Discovery Park.

According to NPR’s KUOW, a local Facebook group has been warning about the female squirrel locals have named ‘Kevin.’

According to the story, “Kevin (aka Geoffrey or Sammy or Skittles, depending on the kid doing the naming) is a shameless female squirrel with an affinity for goldfish crackers and Cheez-Its.”

KUOW reported on several of the comments from local park goers:

“I talk about this squirrel even though I’ve moved!” said Ev Hay, a member of the Facebook group who now lives in California. “I go, ‘Back home there’s this squirrel…’”

Tina Maistros McArthur, another member of the group, wrote that she and her son left the playground for good because of Kevin. “He chased me and my son,” she wrote. “It was scary!”

“That’s Kevin,” Sara Pokas, a nanny in Magnolia, wrote with a laugh-cry emoji. “He is a pain in the ass.”

Pokas spends a lot of time at this wooded park and has tried offering fruit and vegetables, but Kevin isn’t buying.

“Kevin threw an apple slice once and waited for goldfish,” Pokas said.

It’s a little annoying for parents,” Wright said. “My son is apprehensive about coming to the park – ‘Mom, I don’t want to see the squirrel. We shouldn’t bring snacks to the park.’”

“That squirrel climbed into the stroller I WAS PUSHING and rummaged through everything,” Grygiel wrote on the Facebook thread. “It wouldn’t leave even with me freaking out and shaking the stroller. Luckily there was no baby in the stroller. Shudder.”

Cute But Dangerous

Although the viral video shows how cute squirrels are, these rodents can become a nuisance when they infiltrate commercial and residential properties. Squirrels, along with other rodents, can chew electrical wirings and cause fires, and tear insulation on the walls that can lead to high electricity bills. Over time, these rodents can also damage the foundation of properties, making them weaker and prone to damage. 

To ensure that none of these happen on your own property, exert time, and effort to keep squirrels away. This can mean adding hot sauces or cayenne pepper in the squirrel’s entryways or removing their sources of water or food around the property. If the squirrels have been in your property for weeks or months, you might even have to rely on professionals to get the job done. 

But regardless of the strategy, you plan to use to keep your property squirrel-free, keep in mind that you will only see positive results from your efforts if you’re consistent in implementing it.

Regardless of the amount of hot sauce you put around your property or how expensive the contractors you’re going to hire, all of these will be useless if you will only use these strategies for a limited period. Remember, squirrels can live and breed in your property and will require long-term solutions to ensure that they won’t come back. 

In Conclusion

Squirrels can be cute in person, and seeing them on videos can keep you entertained, but remember that they can also significantly damage your home. Regularly check the nooks and crannies in your home and look for solutions the moment you suspect that squirrels are living in your property. The sooner you intervene and implement strategies, the easier it will be for you to finally get rid of squirrels in your home! 

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