Questions Over Tiny Homes Has Director Wanting to Speak to Journalist’s Manager

Downtown Seattle is experiencing a homeless crisis. One solution that the city has turned to has been Tiny House Villages (with homes that look like small Home Depot Sheds, but probably much more expensive). Yet, the problem is that these villages are apparently not well managed.

Neighboring businesses have been complaining about residents dumping their trash by their dumpsters. Other residents have been complaining about the villages being overrun with hoarded bicycles (when each unit is only allowed one).

KOMO News 4’s Jonathan Choe spoke to Sharon Lee, Executive Director at the Low Income Housing Institute about the villages.

When asked about the excessive trash and bicycle problem, Lee stated that Choe was not being fair, that he was being nasty, and that she wanted to talk to his manager.

Watch the KOMO clip below:

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