Are Austin Petersen’s Supporters Stupid?

Austin Petersen is no stranger to political attacks, but did you know his supporters are dumb, uneducated people, who can only comprehend about 50% of the words in the articles he posts?

At least that is what one of his latest trolls had to say.

“Austin, do you ever feel like your followers lack the ability to intellectually challenge you? Is it difficult posting news stories knowing your followers can only understand fifty percent of the words contained in it?”, a profile known as “Poor Choice of Words” tweeted Saturday in response to an article Austin tweeted out concerning two cops in Wisconsin who recently threatened a mother because her child violated a stay at home order by playing outside with a neighboring friend.

Austin retweeted his troll, putting this person’s ignorance on full display to his Twitter followers.

“He’s saying you’re stupid. Yes, you, the person reading this right now”, Petersen said, captioning his retweet.

I’ve been a supporter of Austin since his attempt to secure the Libertarian Party’s Presidential nomination in 2016 and a full-time staff writer for his website The Libertarian Republic since November of 2018. I don’t know that I am capable of the mental gymnastics it would require to determine what category I fall into.

On the one hand, I am a friend and supporter of Austin, and on the other, I am a writer for his website. That means I am one of the fine folks who has produced a sizeable chunk of the content he shares on both Facebook and Twitter. By the logic of this Twitter troll, I must be in a special category as I am not able to comprehend the words I have written.

If this troll were to spend a bit of his or her time reading the actual content we produce at The Libertarian Republic instead of spending time hurling baseless accusations and making insults to people they haven’t taken the time to interact with it would be crystal clear that those of us who consider ourselves of the man known as “The Freedom Ninja” are far from mindless zombies who do the biding of our leader swallowing anything he throws at us drinking his unique mixture of Kool-Aid.

On the contrary, we libertarians pride ourselves on being free-thinking individuals who value reason, logical thinking, and independence over the easy but dangerous road of political groupthink and collectivism.
I remember when I started as a writer at TLR, I was taught how to write in a way to garner the attention of an audience and how to make whatever I wanted to say relevant to current events and the cause of liberty. I was then turned loose to write about whatever my heart desired because it is our goal to be a cut above the rest of media in today’s market, and to articulate the ideas of personal and economic liberty in a unique and engaging way.

While all of Austin’s supporters have a high respect for his courage and fearlessness when it comes to defending the ideas which made America the greatest nation the world has ever seen, none of us are afraid to call him out if we feel he is misguided in one area or another. My coworker Gary Doan even published a piece called “Austin Petersen Is Wrong. Here’s Why”, in which he explains why he believed Austin was wrong for temporarily considering voting to re-elect President Donald Trump.

It is also worth pointing out that Austin’s supporters are a diverse group of people who do not fall clearly into any category, except we all love and cherish liberty and want to be left the hell alone by the government. If this person would like to get to know #TeamLiberty I would encourage him or her to reach out and take some time to get to know Austin and his supporters instead of opening their mouth and removing any doubt of their foolishness.

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