5 Reasons Generation X Rules and Millennials Drool


Why Generation X is Way Cooler Than Millennials

by Dallas Brooks

Generation X rules. Millennials drool. Tweet it, post it, Snapchat it, or throw it on whatever the latest app is. Anyway you cut it, those of us born between 1961 and 1981 (GenX) are the cool kids wearing leather jackets, sitting on our V-twin cruisers, smoking cigarettes, and laughing at you ban-happy snowflake Millennials (born 1982 to 2004) with your man-buns and hysterics over the mere mention of Donald Trump’s name written in chalk. Hold onto your organic non-GMO soy lattes, because here are 5 reasons why GenX is way cooler than the Millennials.

1. The Anti-Free Speech Movement

You can’t find a college campus today without a “safe space,” where the first amendment plays second fiddle to the thoughts and feelings of the youthful ignorant masses who are “triggered” by anything other than their extremist, often communist, ideology. Case in point. In the 1990s The Vagina Monologues, by Eve Ensler, was considered an edgy feminist performance that was met with plenty of criticism, but accepted as free speech. Today, it’s cancelled at college campuses for excluding women who don’t have a vagina (i.e., transgendered people). We’ve gone from a culture that valued differences of opinion and real diversity to one that shirks away from having any kind of opinion whatsoever, and we did it in only one generation. Millennials, for example, might try to call a strict religious doctrine that requires women to cover their faces “feminist” and claim any criticism is “aggressive” or “hateful,” while a Generation X’er will more likely tell you it’s idiotic to throw homosexuals from buildings or to mutilate little girls, even if the majority of Muslims don’t engage in such practices. Sure, it’s true that the underpinnings of the anti-free speech movement began in our own adolescent years (1980s and 1990s), but what we called “political correctness” was really just a debate over how we should conduct ourselves in diverse groups. Today speech restrictions have been codified by colleges and other public institutions with the threat of being kicked out of school, being roughed up, or even arrested for thinking outside of the lines.

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