5 Reasons Generation X Rules and Millennials Drool


2. Everything isn’t “racist”

Neal Boortz, a nationally-syndicated Libertarian radio host out of Atlanta who was on the air for 40 years before his retirement, was known for pulling no punches when it came to his views on everything from government, to crime, and especially race relations. Often called a racist by those who disagreed with him, his response was usually to ask the offended party to define the term. Undoubtedly they couldn’t. Can you? Millennials like to claim everyone is racist if the person with whom they disagree is of a different race, but they can’t often define the term either. Racism is believing in the genetic superiority of one race over another. It’s real.  It exists, and it’s far more dangerous than the more common form of hate known as “bigotry.” With real racism, you get goose-stepping storm troopers marching in unison and looking at different groups of people like they’re animals. Racism allows evil to rationalize its vile behavior because those who commit atrocities like the Nazis can fool themselves into believing they’re not dealing with actual people.

Complaining about everything from a reasonable criticism of Obamacare to dog poop, Millennials often feel that the best method for getting their way is to try to scare the opponent with name-calling. Ad hominem attacks aren’t new, or restricted to Millennials, but it seems to be the default on college campuses today. More young people need to learn to refute the argument effectively.

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