5 Reasons Generation X Rules and Millennials Drool


5. Music.

Justin Bieber is a Millennial.

Kurt Cobain was Generation X.

Enough said.


It’s important to state that Millennials aren’t all bad. They really are focused on changing the world, even though most of them think they’re doing it one tweet at a time, somehow. A new poll showed that 23% of Millennials are supporting Gary Johnson for president, which is worth a lot of cool points. Unfortunately the same poll showed that twice that number are supporting Hillary Clinton, and the vast majority of them want to remove constitutional freedoms and get free stuff. Perhaps they’ll grow out of it with time. Personally, I’m hoping Generation Z has some answers, just as soon as they’re done watching Spongebob Squarepants and whining about their 9 o’clock PM bedtimes on school nights, that is.

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