5 Reasons Generation X Rules and Millennials Drool


3. Smartphone Zombies

Millennials are literally getting themselves killed behind the wheel because of driving while distracted by their phones. They are the most likely to suffer fatalities behind the wheel because they can’t stop looking at social media long enough to drive somewhere. Even for a bear, it’s hard to walk down the street without almost bumping into some Millennial kid playing Pokemon Go or whatever. While it’s true that people of any age can be distracted by their phones, Millennials take it to a new level. They can’t even put their phones down while going to the bathroom or having sex! While it’s a good thing that people can be connected almost anywhere (such as in the event of an emergency), it’s not necessarily great that they are constantly connected. There are droves of young people wandering the streets, their faces lit up from beneath with an eerie blue glow, seemingly unaware of the world around them. We GenX’ers had our pagers and blocky cell phones, but it was a convenience, not a way of life. Maybe if we’d had Facebook and iPhones in the 1980s, we’d have been the same way. Baby Boomer grandparents and Generation X parents are ignoring their grandchildren and children in favor of the smartphone, too. It’s a problem for everyone, but young people who are developing their identities in an uncertain time have to learn to put the phones down, unplug from the matrix for a little while, and smell the roses.

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