5 Orwellian Predictions That are Coming True

4. Thought Crime


The citizenry in 1984 were so enslaved they lacked the freedom to even question the party’s edicts. Questioning was considered treasonous and punished harshly. Such authoritarian principles could not be imposed too quickly on America today, but the first amendment could be eroded to an extent that it no longer protects citizens against speech infractions.

Today, many colleges have implemented speech codes to protect those easily offended. After all, most authoritarian policies are imposed under the guise of protecting the public from harm. In  fact, the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) has found that nearly 2/3rds of college campuses have seriously restricted free speech on campus. However, speech codes would protect against nothing that is harmful whatsoever, and serve only to create more criminals.

Even more ominous than the concept of speech codes is the fact that a majority of the Democratic Party support them. The Democratic Party has recently become a primary enemy of individual liberty, and adores censoring in the name of political correctness. It would be of no surprise that those who founded the thought crime departments in 1984 would be modern day Democrats or other similar leftists.

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