5 Orwellian Predictions That are Coming True

consent 2. Affirmative Consent Contracts

The Party in 1984 had strict rules regarding sexandmarriage. Marriage was carried out for the sole purpose of producing the best possible offspring to work for the party. Feelings of affection weren’t at all valued in that society.

Similarly, affirmative consent laws being examined today do not account for feelings of affection. They require a sexual contract similar to those in 1984. Under affirmative consent, or “Yes Means Yes” laws, the party (usually the male) who is accused of rape must prove that the accusing party consented to secure their innocence. Like in 1984, sex without a contract is punishable.

Affirmative consent laws have been passed in only California for college campuses under bill SB-967. The bill assumes all men are guilty until proven innocent and does not respect due process whatsoever.

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