5 Orwellian Predictions That are Coming True

5. Militarized Police Forces


The Party needed an unarmed population and a powerful police force to keep the populace in check in Orwell’s novel. Police used a variety of mechanisms aside from the aforementioned “Telescreen” to monitor their citizens. There were also secret police, helicopters, and even posters with cameras hidden in them.

Today, police are actually taking the manned helicopters seen in 1984 in a way Orwell never predicted. Police are starting to use personal drones mounted with cameras for surveillance. Such techniques would certainly make the party envious.

Many of these predictions are only occurring in their infancy, however, some are advancing at an alarming rate. If awareness is not raised and their implementation is not protested, the freedom-crushing laws will no doubt wreak on liberty unchallenged until the constitution is nothing more than an antiquated concept of a forgotten age.

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