5 Gaming Creators Who Reject Radical Progressivism

As digital media continues to expand, we find ourselves discovering new forms of entertainment that particularly hit that jive. A cacophony of common interests may find you tuning in to a favorite blogger, a particular hobby channel to binge for three hours, or even a Twitch streamer manages to make you look forward to that little notification on your phone saying “I’m live!”

Whatever your poison, there are creators online all the time providing not only their content, but their voices as well. Many of the content creators some of you might have even listened to growing up have since started providing their voices as well. It is no surprise in the wake of the interjection of politics into these media spaces of gaming, animation, entertainment, and even drama, that there is a rise in those expressing a backlash to the new wave of far left progressive culture infesting all forms of entertainment.

Here are five gaming creators who have had enough:

#1: It’sAGundam

Hailing from the internet dominions of YouTube and Twitch, It’sAGundam is “just a gamer dude”. As admitted in the accompanying video, while he was once a self-described liberal, the march of progressivism has trampled any hopes he might’ve had with the left as it stands now. As with most YouTubers in the gaming sphere, Gundam started off producing content regarding games, mods, and computer parts. However, as events transpired and what he saw to be injustices arise from the mire of social justice, he donned his digital megaphone and has since moved into cultural critique. These days, you can find him posting on his YouTube channel about YouTube and Twitch’s wrongdoings, or more dramatic content creator scandals and swindles.

#2: The Entire Pain Killer Already Podcast

These gentlemen are a riot. The Pain Killer Already Podcast (also known as PKA) is a group consisting of the YouTube and Twitch personalities WoodysGamertag (Woody), MurkaDurkah (Taylor), and FPSRussia (Kyle), this is certainly an interesting one to peruse, not least of which because there are over 450 episodes of this several hour experience. Without a doubt, these gentlemen have all grown as their fanbase has: slowly, maturely, and with a great bit of wisdom gained. Although they come from different backgrounds and positions, each one has expressed extreme disinterest in social justice politics, which is no surprise given their position as a group of the YouTube “Old Guard” from a more offensive age. They’ve got no qualms laughing at anything crazy going on in the world, regardless of political affiliation.

#3: Daniel Keem/Keemstar

The face of Drama Alert, let’s get right into the news! Depending on who you ask, this man is famous for his bombastic and offensive personality, or is infamous for the exact same reasons. Either way, one thing that we can say without a doubt is that Keemstar certainly seems to buck the trend of the drama-raking leftist hosts we know from shows like The View or Jimmy Kimmel. Instead, Keem has jumped fully onto the Trump Train, and has come a long way from his days of mindless CNN viewership. Coming from a YouTube and BattleCam background of trolling people in Halo 3 and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Keemstar has always been one to err on the side of offensive speech, and as a king of trash talking it’s not hard to surmise why he would oppose constantly being told what to say and do. As it stands, Daniel has not only grown politically, but as a person too, so I highly recommend giving his show a try if you want some good old fashioned YouTube drama that ain’t afraid to get a little offensive!

#4: Jeremy Hambly/TheQuartering

Before being known online as “TheQuartering“, Jeremy Hambly ran the YouTube channel Unsleeved Media, one of the largest Magic the Gathering channels at the time, but has since been ran out of the community in the wake of #MagicGate and being banned from formal events of the game itself (yeah, they can do that apparently). Unsurprisingly, these events have had a major effect on shaping his worldview and he has since dedicated himself to actively opposing social justice. Unsurprisingly, being on the business end of an SJW hate mob will do that to a man. But that wasn’t even the end for him, as later on at the Indianapolis GenCon he was assaulted by a fellow patron (and a booth operator) at a bar following the formal event hours.

Luckily, justice was properly served and however it resolved it seems to have been in Hambly’s favor. TheQuartering has since moved away from Magic the Gathering and instead covers the fight of the culture war in games and the rest of “nerd-dom”. He can also be found on his other channel MidWestly.

#5: RazörFist/TheRageaholic

Hailing from the sunny copper state of Arizona, if what you wanted was a hardcore conservative with vulgarity in variety, bombastic brevity, and complementary commie decommissioning, you’ve come to no better place.

Having been on YouTube long enough to be able to count the metaphorical grays on his channel URL, Razörfist is the quintessential metal head friend from the 90’s everyone could rely on for good games, good music, and good history lessons. Taking that and running with it, he posts videos several times a week with, gleaning discussion from topics such as the electoral college, Judas Priest, and Hideo Kojima’s constant disappointment. If that wasn’t enough, he also streams video games while taking questions from the digital audience on whatever topic he maybe privy to. Never one to shy away from the inanity of his more left leaning anti social justice counterparts either, RazörFist will put your preconceived notions on any topic through the wringer, followed by a

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