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Woman Lets Strangers on the Street Fondle Her Breasts and Genitals in the Name of Feminism

By Amber Randall

Police arrested a performance artist in London Sunday because she let the public touch her naked body in the name of “women’s rights.”

Milo Moire hosted her “Mirror Box” show in London’s Trafalgar Square, reports the Daily Mail. She placed mirror boxes over her breasts and waist and invited anyone over 18 to touch her for 30 seconds. She did this to advocate a woman’s right to decide when she can be touched.

“However, women decide for themselves when and how they want to be touched and when they don’t. Today, you have the chance to touch the box for thirty seconds and feel free. It doesn’t matter if you’re a woman or a man,” Moire told the Mirror Online before her exhibition.

After some people complained about the indecency, police arrested and charged Moire with public indecency. She later appeared before court, pleaded guilty and was fined approximately $1,000, according to the Mirror Online.

“Then some mothers called the police I think because they felt offended.It won’t stop me. It is a risk, but it is a risk I am willing to take,” Moire told the Mirror Online.

Moire has appeared naked in public before for different protests. She held a sign in front of a Catholic Cathedral in January while naked that read “Respect us! We are no fair game even when we are naked!!!” Moire took naked selfies last July with people in front of the Eiffel Tower — she was later arrested. She has also walked around a museum nude while carrying a baby, according to reports.

Moire commented that other countries had been more accepting of her “performance.”

“In Amsterdam it was very different – they are more free towards sexuality. But in London it was more strict – too strict I think. They don’t understand this form of performance,” Moire said.

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