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How will the markets react to a government shutdown? (VIDEO)

Financial expert Heather Hughes is back at The Libertarian Republic with her thoughts on how a government shutdown might impact financial markets. She believes that investors are looking at catalysts in anticipation of the fourth quarter of what has been a strong market for stocks. Most people believe some sort of deal will be struck, but the threat of a miscalculation on the budget and debt ceiling can’t be ignored.

“We lack leadership” in Washington
We have a “fiscal problem,” not a “monetary problem.”  You can’t suppress rates for a prolonged period of time without having a sort of negative effect in the future.  Sustained job creation must come from the private sector, not from the government or the Federal Reserve. Companies will not hire, absent confidence and clarity from D.C.
Heather appeared on CNBC to discuss her views on the topic yesterday.

download (5)Bio: Heather Hughes is an institutional financial sales executive as well as a lover of liberty and the free market. She is a weekly contributor to The Libertarian Republic and an expert on money and the marketplace.
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