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6 Reasons Why the Non Aggression Principle is Stupid

5. Keep printing money Fed!


Inflation is aggression, right? Or is it? Libertarians fail to clamp down on this issue as there would be no prohibition on fraud:

“…according to NAP, the only legitimate use of force is to prevent or punish the initiatory use of physical violence by others. And fraud is not physical violence. If I tell you that the painting you want to buy is a genuine Renoir, and it’s not, I have not physically aggressed against you. But if you buy it, find out it’s a fake, and then send the police (or your protective agency) over to my house to get your money back, then you are aggressing against me. So not only does a prohibition on fraud not follow from the NAP, it is not even compatible with it, since the use of force to prohibit fraud itself constitutes the initiation of physical violence.”

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