Five Deadpool Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

Every once in a while I enjoy taking a break from tugging at your neckbeards with controversial Op-eds and diving into some fun, good old fashioned pop culture.

This listicle will be highlighting Five Deadpool Facts You Probably Didn’t Know, or that you didn’t know that you needed to know that you didn’t know.

1) Ryan Reynolds Didn’t Voice Deadpool In The Comic Books

Despite Ryan Reynolds‘ wild success with the Deadpool films, the actor has never lent his voice talent to the comic books. As the comics are visual only, there actually really isn’t a way for him to have done this.

2) Deadpool 2 Isn’t A Remake Of Deadpool

Most people erroneously believe that when Cable traveled back in time, he arrived during the period of the first Deadpool movie. This widely held belief is not correct. When you go back and watch the first Deadpool movie, Cable doesn’t appear anywhere.

3) Deadpool Does Not Voice Pikachu

People have been noticing that the voice of Pikachu in the upcoming film Detective Pikachu sounds very much like Deadpool’s voice. The two are indeed similar because they share a common voice actor (Ryan Reynolds) but it is not accurate to say that Deadpool voices Pikachu.

4) The PG13 Version of Deadpool 2 is not Rated R

A limited release of Once Upon A Deadpool is coming soon, which is a PG13 version of Deadpool 2. Many people have been wondering if the PG13 version will also be rated R. The Libertarian Republic reached out to 20th Century Fox who confirmed that the PG13 version will actually be Rated PG13 and not R. Fox stated that an R Rated version of Deadpool 2 actually already exists.

5) Deadpool Is Better In Japanese

For the most part, films are best watched in their native language, with the clear exception of when foreign films are dubbed into English; the superior language in which all movies are best.

However, The Deadpool films are a surprising break from this tradition and are actually best viewed in Japanese for the most enjoyable experience.




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