Abuse of Authority

What do you do when the government steals your property?

The Motel Caswell is being seized by the Feds & Local Gov’t

The Institute for Justice is out with a new video detailing the case of Raymond Caswell in his fight to hold on to his motel property located in Tewksbury, Massachussetts. The owner of the hotel is being subjected to something called “Civil Asset Forfeiture” which basically means that the Feds can collude with local governments to confiscate citizens property, even if the owner is not guilty of nor has been accused of a crime. This new video explains the details about this dangerous assault on private property rights.

Keep in mind here that the owner of this property is not a criminal. The only reason the government is stating they have the right to seize his property is because a small handful of people who stayed at the motel were convicted of drug related crimes. This is a case of pure greed and corruption and could set a dangerous precedent for the future of freedom in the United States.

More information about the case can be found here: http://www.ij.org/massachusetts-civil-forfeiture


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