An Indiana County Has Completely Banned Book Sales

Howard County, Indiana is taking a step beyond the closing of non-essential like we’ve seen in many parts of the country. They have issued a proclamation banning the sale of non-essential items, even in essential stores that remain open.

That includes books. Yes, books.

According to NBC Affiliate WTHR in Indiana, non-essential items which have been banned from purchase entirely include:

Home and lawn decor
Non-emergency appliances
Craft and art supplies
Entertainment electronics

Ironically, these are many items that parents need in order to effectively homeschool their kids while all the schools are closing around the country.

Banning the sale of these items does not decrease the limit of exposure, as the risk comes from even entering a business. This also causes damaging economic impact to stores that are allowed to remain open by drastically limiting what they are allowed to sell.

A Howard County resident sent a photograph to WTHR showing sections of a store completely taped off.

There are plenty of businesses like Target, Fred Meyer and Walmart that remain open for their grocery and household supply merits, but sell other items that are recreational in nature.

Limiting the sale of these items is cruel during this pandemic. It does nothing to stop the spread of COVID-19. It is also downright draconian, especially to ban books. This is straight out of Fahrenheit 451, or 1984. 

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