Dear Bill Weld: Here are 5 Reasons Johnson is More Qualified than Clinton

by Kitty Testa

CNN reported last Friday that Bill Weld was “not sure anybody is more qualified than Hillary Clinton” to be president. This alarmed Libertarians, given that he is Gary Johnson’s running mate. Weld has since clarified that although Clinton is the most qualified “on paper,” Johnson “would be the best president.” Nonetheless, the comments remain perturbing for some Johnson supporters.

Well, Governor Weld, since you are still running for vice president in a possible Johnson Administration, perhaps Libertarians can help you understand why Governor Johnson is more qualified than Hillary Clinton to be the President of the United States of America.

1. Johnson has more relevant executive experience than Clinton

Hillary Clinton’s executive experience is limited to running the Department of State, and it’s difficult to argue that she did a good job. Some of the details that emerged from her email scandal beg the question, “Is she really as intelligent as her supporters claim?” As the highest executive in the State Department, she couldn’t recognize classified markings and couldn’t learn to use a computer. The WikiLeaks email dumps paint a picture of a woman who was woefully dependent on staffers and external advisers in her decision making, and also illustrate that her interests centered around her legacy as opposed to the country’s core foreign policy interests. Many have suspected that Obama appointed Clinton as Secretary of State to ameliorate the strained relationship with the Clintons after Obama won the Democratic nomination from her in 2008, not because she was particularly qualified for the position.

Johnson, on the other hand, was governor of New Mexico for two terms, a position that he won after running a successful business. During his tenure as a Republican governor, Johnson was faced with a legislature that was 60% Democrat, and he vetoed 739 bills over eight years in office. Clearly, he valued the taxpayers of New Mexico over the moneyed political interests in his state. He also refused to toe the GOP line on issues such as legalization of drugs and gambling. Johnson has demonstrated executive leadership based on principles, something we have never seen from Clinton.

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